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They can get away with something, they going to. We not only have to be on the top of our game, we have to make sure we don get hurt out there, either. That a major thing. These small and comfortable earbuds come with memory wire ear hooks that ensure they stay in place. They also come with an impressive 6 pairs of ear tips so you can choose whether you prefer more or less noise isolation. However, the subpar audio quality and “tangle free” cord that ended up in a big knot when we used it might not be the right option for a serious audiophile.

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Ecocinema Theory and Practice is the first collection of its kind an anthology that offers a comprehensive introduction to the rapidly growing field of eco film criticism, a branch of critical scholarship that investigates cinema’s intersections with environmental understandings. It references seminal readings through cutting edge research and is designed as an introduction to the field as well as a sourcebook. It defines ecocinema studies, sketches its development over the past twenty years, provides theoretical frameworks for moving forward, and presents eloquent examples of the practice of eco film criticism through essays written by the field’s leading and emerging scholars.