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There are several different types of surveys that you can take online for pay. This article will briefly discuss the most common features of the surveys that are available online. Consumers can generate extra income by taking these surveys online.

Some websites offer surveys that are very similar to standardized printed survey form. When you take the survey online you merely click your mouse to select the most appropriate answers. Taking this type of survey is a relatively simple process that can be completed very quickly.

It is also possible to get paid for taking telephone surveys. This process involves the consumer responding to a recorded voice message. The consumer merely selects a certain number on his telephone dial pad to answer the survey questions.

There are several other formats that are used for surveys as well. One very popular format will show you a video and afterwards you are required to select the best answers to the survey questions that are provided in the video.

In addition, other surveys will ask you to rate the various options on a scale from the lowest rating to the highest rating.

Some surveys will ask you to provide a written commentary about the company’s products or services. In this format you will essentially comment on what you like or dislike about the company’s products or services.

A variation of the written commentary is the written survey. The written survey is usually somewhat longer that the written comment. In this format the company is trying to get you to provide them with a more detailed explanation about what you like or dislike about the company’s products or services.

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